Why is Bethel’s Hybrid Solar Thermal process a green clean renewable technology with no competition in the renewable industry worldwide? Other than geo-thermal and hydro-electric there is no baseload competing technology that has a proven 25+ year successful operational record. The Bethel system generates electricity while the sun is shining by passing a pipe containing oil over the focal point of a field of parabolic mirrors until the oil is heated sufficiently to generate steam when the hot oil pipe is run next to a pipe containing water. This steam drives a traditional steam generator during the day. At night, steam is created from the heat generated by gasifying the feedstock referred to below. Bethel then recombines the gases into a high Cetane Rated Ultra Low Sulfur Synthetic Diesel using the Fischer-Tropsch process developed by Franz Fischer and Hans Tropsch in 1925. This German process converts gas (usually from coal, biomass or natural gas) into liquid fuel such as Ultra Low Sulfur Synthetic Diesel. Ultra Low Sulfur Synthetic Diesel with a High Cetane Rating can be mixed with lower grade diesels to produce diesel of an adequate commercial Cetane rating. The Fischer-Tropsch process is well known technology and has been used globally since its development in 1925.